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Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. This includes your furry family members. We want you to know that each and every one of our products is handmade with the utmost care and safety in mind. Our ingredients are all natural, without any added sugars or salt, and we CAN TAKE CUSTOM ORDERs for those with allergies.


If you have any questions about ingredients, they will be listed under each product on our Shop Our Treats page and we have provided an ingredients label on any packaging that arrives to your home. 


While we do keep everything natural, we are aware that dogs (just like humans) can have random, adverse reactions to any ingredients, even natural. We ask that you please pay attention to ingredient labels and first and foremost pay attention to your dogs when feeding any of our products.


We believe in the phrase "less is more". While it might be fine for your dog to have a few cookies in a single day, remember that these are "treats" and should not be used as meal replacements. Our TREATS (while bland to humans) are drool-worthy for our dogs. We recommend only feeding 1-2 TREATS at a time to avoid any upset tummies. While it is up to your discretion to feed your pet as you'd like, we are not liable for any sickness, allergic reactions, or distaste for any of our products. 

Lastly, as we have mentioned our products are all handmade. While we work towards consistency there may be slight differences in color, shape, or texture among treatS. We look at this as a positive, that each treat was thought of individually before being shipped out. And we can almost guarantee your pup won't mind!


We do not hold onto any personal banking information or physical addresses after shipping. What is saved in your account is for your eyes only. The only information that can potentially be stored is your email address. However, you will not receive spam from our business. Email addresses are strictly used for purchases, potential coupons, or direct contact with the owner.


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