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conversation doggie heart biscuits

ingredients: whole wheat flour, peanut butter, banana, egg, water


peanut butter 🥜
benefits: contains vitamin e & b, healthy fats, boosts immune system, provides healthy coat and skin and promotes energy

banana 🍌
benefits: contains vitamins b6 & c, biotin, copper & magnesium. high in potassium, good source of fiber and helps regulates digestion

whole wheat flour 🌾
benefits: contains fiber, regulates digestion and prevents constipation
egg 🥚
benefits: contains vitamin a & b12, rich in amino acids & fatty acids, folate, iron and a good source of protein

conversation doggie heart biscuits

  • our treats are oven-baked with all natural perishable ingredients therefore, to have our treats stay fresher longer, we recommend storing our treats in the fridge. for even longer use, our treats can be stored in the freezer. 

    hope your pups enjoy!! ♥

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