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M E E T ♡ H A Z E L

hazel grace is our FIVE year old shepherd mix. my husband and I rescued her from the humane society when she was 3 months old and we’ve been in love with her ever since. she is our best friend who loves (LOVES) to eat, therefore it was was a no-brainer to make our girl the namesake for the BUSINESS. 

M E E T ♡ U S

 and by us, I mean the owners and creators of Hazel Grace and Goodies. My name is Cassidy and my husband’s name is Kyle. We’ve been sweethearts for 9 years and have had our SWEET Hazel for 7 years. I have always enjoyed baking and living life around dogs, so to mesh the two is a dream.


Making treats that are safe and tasty for your DOGGIES is a core priority for us. All of our treats are made in small batches using human-grade ingredients. There is no added artificial sugars or salt to any of our products. We have personally tasted all of our treats. Although "BLAND" to us humans, Hazel, our treat tester, can testify that your dogs are going to love them!

We are currently baking everything at home in our own kitchen, but we hope to one day have a brick and mortar shop where people and their dogs are welcome any time! Until then, we will be taking orders online AS WELL AS WORKING POP UP EVENTS ALL OVER NE FLORIDA. BE SURE TO CHECK OUR SOCIALS TO SEE WHICH LOCATIONS WE WILL BE AT :)


I look forward to you joining our community of customers/friends.

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